Letterforms in Illustrator

behh behhhhIt’s been a while since I last posted, but I should talk about what I worked on before spring break! Our assignment was essentially to invent a new letter of the alphabet, and then render it in Helvetica and Baskerville using Adobe Illustrator. Here are mine. I like how they ended up with regards to blending in with the rest of the alphabet, but I think I could tweak the capital form a little bit. Particularly in Helvetica, it’s a little bit top heavy and needs to be more distinguished from the letter P. A possible redesign is under the cut, for those interested! Continue reading Letterforms in Illustrator

Working in Illustrator- Progress Post

patternI’m new to vector programs in general, so working with Illustrator has been interesting. There’s definitely a wider range of things possible than I had expected, but it’s still weird how different everything is from photoshop. Case in point, this pattern I tried making earlier. I’m satisfied with how it looks in Illustrator, but when I export things containing it you can see the seams where it repeats, so I’ll need to figure out how that works.

Monster Party

sludgefinalHere’s my final image! I like how this turned out for the most part, although I may go back and make the frame more realistic, I can’t decide. I may also add reflections to make the screen look more like glass, but I can’t decide how to go about that. I drew the monsters in from scratch, and the frame is a modified version of oneI created using “render frame” (Filter>Render>Picture Frame…), but the original images for the background and the sludge textures are under the cut.

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